Dr Bike Clinics

CycleBoost delivers Dr. Bike clinics around Rotherham to ensure that workers’ and residents’ bikes are in a roadworthy condition.

At the free Dr. Bike clinics, our Cytech-qualified mechanics will give your bike a full safety-check, a bit like giving your bike an MOT. The clinics runs on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so we do not accept advance bookings but rather take people’s bikes as they turn up to the clinic.

The bike check normally takes around 30 minutes, and includes basic adjustments of brakes and gears where appropriate. Under the scheme some small parts, such as brake blocks and brake cables, can be fitted free-of-charge.

The Dr. Bike clinic does not undertake major repairs or servicing. When more extensive work is required on a bike we signpost the owner to their nearest bike shop and provide them with a report on the problems we encountered with the bike.

Our regular Dr Bike locations are detailed below and you can click here to view our full Dr Bike schedule.

Regular Dr. Bike Locations

Dr Bike outside Riverside House RotherhamRIVERSIDE HOUSE
Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1QY

Every Thursday
8am – 2pm

Dr Bike at Rotherham HospitalROTHERHAM HOSPITAL
Moorgate Road, Rotherham S60 2UD

Wednesday 5th April 8am-2pm
Wednesday 3rd May 8am-2pm
Wednesday 7th June 8am-2pm
Wednesday 5th July 8am-2pm
Wednesday 2nd August 8am-2pm
Wednesday 6th September 8am-2pm
Wednesday 4th October 8am-2pm
Wednesday 1st November 8am-2pm

Dr Bike at Clifton ParkCLIFTON PARK
Clifton Lane, Rotherham S65 2AA
(Parked near the Museum)

Saturday 8th April 10am-4pm
Saturday 6th May 10am-4pm
Saturday 3rd June 10am-4pm
Saturday 1st July 10am-4pm
Saturday 5th August 10am-4pm
Saturday 2nd September 10am-4pm
Saturday 7th October 10am-4pm
Saturday 4th November 10am-4pm

Old Moor Lane, Bolton upon Dearne, Barnsley S73 0YF
(Parked near the Main Entrance)

Sunday 9th April 10am-4pm
Sunday 14th May 10am-4pm
Sunday 11th June 10am-4pm
Sunday 16th July 10am-4pm
Sunday 13th August 10am-4pm
Sunday 10th September 10am-4pm
Sunday 8th October 10am-4pm
Sunday 12th November 10am-4pm

Dr Bike at Maltby Leisure CentreMALTBY LEISURE CENTRE
High Street, Maltby, Rotherham S66 8JE

Wednesday 26th April 10am-4pm
Friday 26th May 10am-4pm
Tuesday 27th June 10am-4pm
Wednesday 26th July 10am-4pm
Friday 25th August 10am-4pm
Tuesday 26th September 10am-4pm
Wednesday 25th October 10am-4pm